The Only Meatball Recipe You Need


I originally got this meatball recipe from A popular cook that goes by the screen name kittencal posted it. I only made a few slight changes and it is absolutely one of my family’s and friends favorite recipes. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.

Shape into small meatballs

 Drop the meatballs into simmering pasta sauce  (Ragu Original is my favorite), do not stir for at least 20 minutes or you will risk breaking the meatballs. I use a large non-stick dutch oven for cooking. My sister tried the recipe once in a regular large saucepan and said the sauce burned on the bottom.

 Continue cooking in the simmering sauce for another 20 minutes (depending on how fast your sauce is simmering 40 minutes total should fully cook the meatballs).

I serve this dish the first night in a traditional style with angel hair pasta. I serve the left over meatballs the second day on sub rolls  topped with parmesan cheese for the best meatball subs you’ve ever tasted!


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