Invisalign- Day 3 and some Relief!

Oh Happy Day! It is day three with Invisalign and I am settling in . My teeth feel like they have shifted to meet the demands of my trays and they are no longer hurting. The lining of my mouth and tongue are still a bit raw from rubbing against the new contraption, but hopefully my mouth will toughen up as the process goes on. 

I’m retraining myself to speak with the trays in  and my lisp is not as pronounced as before. I am not noticing any obvious change in the way my teeth look but I didn’t expect to at this point. I read elsewhere that your teeth actually move in the first couple of days of wearing a new set of trays and the remaining weeks are just a kind of retaining period. This makes sense to me since three days of whining and toughing it out has brought me relief!