Ten Websites You Should Be Visiting

1:   Etsy


Think art fair at your finger tips! Etsy is a website where artists and “DIY”ers gather to sell their beautiful wares. Unique jewelry, pottery, art, clothes, and accessories are just a few of the amazing things you can purchase from this site.

2:  Stumble Upon


Do you have some time to waste sitting in the airport or maybe you need to kill the last thirty minutes of the workday? Get ready to stumble!

When you sign up for a stumble account you are prompted to choose your interests from several categories that can be broken down into thousands of choices. Once your interests have been noted hit the “stumble” button and get ready to be amazed and entertained by articles, comics, games, and photos that have been pulled from all over the internet and packaged just for you. As you stumble use the “like” and “dislike” buttons to help your stumble account become even more in tune with your interests.

3:  Online Banking

Nearly all banks offer online banking. Sign up with online banking to see up to the minute changes to your account balance, transfer money, and even pay bills online. If you aren’t already banking online you will love having such easy (and secure) access to your finances.

4:  Retail Me Not


Retail Me Not is an online shopper’s source for finding great deals and money-saving promotional codes. Nearly every online retailer imaginable is represented on this site. I visit Retail Me Not just before checking out when purchasing anything online. I search for the name of the store I am purchasing from and take advantage of any of promo. codes that other users have posted. I can usually score free samples and free shipping if not 10%-25% off my order.

5:  Food.com


Food.com is a huge online database of recipes posted to users just like you and me. I love this site because these are real recipes created, used, swapped, and shared by real cooks. You can post pictures of your version of the recipes and rate them. Use the sort  feature to view the most popular recipes. It is also a great resource for dieters because the nutrition facts are always clearly posted along with each recipe.

6:  Coupons.com


You guessed it! Coupons.com is just what it sounds like, an online database of printable coupons for retailers all over. I check this site just before making my weekly trip to the grocery store for extra savings.

7:  Groove Shark


Just got to listen to that song that’s stuck in your head? Need a great play list for your next party? Need some background music at work? Check out Groove Shark.

Groove Shark is a website that allows you to search for any song and stream it immediately. You can customize your own playlists and save them to your account to listen to anytime you have an internet connection. You can also view and listen to other users’ playlists for inspiration.

8:  Hulu


Hulu is internet tv at it’s best. Hulu allows you to view streamed videos, music, tv shows, clips, and movies from all over the web on one easy to search website. It’s a great place to catch up on the last episode of your favorite tv show or watch classic made for tv movies all for free!

9:  Wander Fly


Your dreams of travel may be easier reached that you imagined with Wander Fly. When you visit the Wander Flight website it will prompt you for your starting location, your travel budget, the time of year you would like to travel,  and the types of activities you enjoy. Based on this information Wander Fly builds a custom vacation just for you and lays it all out  in gorgeous pictures and text. I can spend hours on this website dreaming of all the exotic vacations I’d like to some day take, but more importantly it helps me plan, compare, and book realistic trips down to the penny.

10:   Library Thing

Library Thing is your very own online database for your personal library. Create a Library Thing account and place virtual copies of the books you’ve read on your online “shelf”. You can rate the books you’ve read and create or read other users’ reviews. The more books you rate, the better Library Things gets to know your preferences, which allows it to make book suggestions for you. You can search titles and click the “Will I Like It” button and library thing will make a prediction for you based on your preferences. Library Thing will also connect you with other users who have similar virtual libraries as yours. You can join online book clubs and discussions as well!


My Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products

10:  E.L.F. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Cost: $5.00 (Wow a total steal)

I picked up two different shades of this eye shadow pallet at Target for a mere $5.00 each and was amazed at the quality. With so many shades to pick from there are hundreds of combinations for gorgeous eyes.

9:  Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain

Cost:  $8.00

This lip stain lasts a long time, wears evenly and doesn’t come off on your drinking glass. This is a lip stain not a lipstick so it gives your lips a hint of natural looking color without sitting on top of your lips like a creamy lipstick.

8:  Kiss Real Short Length Nails

Cost: $6.00

Why waste time and money sitting in a nail salon when you buy these nails for $6.00 and do them yourself in about 10 minutes? These nails look great, they are the perfect short length and they last for about a week. I get complimented on my nails all the time and people want to know where I have them “done” at.

7:  Loreal True Match Compact Makeup

Cost: $10.00

I used to use a much more expensive designer compact foundation until I ran out one day and picked this up to “hold me over” until I could get to the mall. I liked it so much I never went back to the more expensive brand. Loreal has lots of shades to choose from and this formula goes on quickly,  evenly and just heavy enough.

6:  Loma Pearatin Nourishing Oil Treatment

Cost: $15.00

This nourishing oil treatment is my dry, damaged hair’s savior. I color my hair often and years of bleaching, dying, and flat irons have taken it’s toll. I use this nourishing oil on my damp hair just before drying and it makes all the difference. Just one application and your hair will go from dry and frizzy to shiny and sleek.

5:  Euronext Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Cost: $85 from Sally Beauty

These real human hair extension changed my beauty product lifestyle. You can cut, curl, wash, dry, and style them along with your real hair. They are easy to wear and look so real. I’ve never had anyone suspect I am wearing extensions and  everyone is always amazed when I tell them my secret. I feel naked without them!


4:  Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Cost:  $8.00

These wax strips are so fast and easy. You just cut them into the desired shape and rub them between your hands to warm slightly. Peel them apart and use. It even comes with a wax removing oil to clean up and refresh your skin after waxing. Perfect for eyebrows!

3:  The Instyler Iron

Cost:  $90.00

Believe it or not, the infomercials you see for this product are actually true! I love this iron. I sceptically bought it at Target for around $100 and carefully opened the packaging, prepared to take it back if it didn’t live up to the hype. Thankfully it became one of my favorite beauty products. It leaves my hair shiny and beautifully straight.

2:  Kenra Volume Hairspray

Cost: $18.00

The only hairspray you’ll ever need hands down. Not too sticky but great hold. A must have beauty product.

1:  Fiberwig Mascara

Cost: $20.00

This amazing mascara doesn’t run or give you raccoon eyes half way through the day. It’s formula includes little fibers that attach to your lashes as you put it on. The more you put on the more the fibers build up and the longer your lashes get. My friends ask me all the time if I am wearing false lashes. I buy it from www.sephora.com and it’s worth the extra effort of ordering it online versus just picking something up at the store.