Decorative Sayings Blocks Tutorial

Trick or Treat Decorative Blocks

I’ve been seeing different versions of these decorative blocks online but couldn’t find a good tutorial showing how they’re made so I decided to give it a try and share with you my process.

Cut a 2x4 into various sizes.

1:  Cut a 2″x4″ board into various size blocks. Mine all ranged between 4″ and 6″. My husband took a sander and smoothed down the pointed edges for me for a more rounded worn in look.

Paint your blocks with craft paint.

Craft Paint

2:  Using craft paint and a drop cloth I painted the blocks leaving one face unpainted. The craft paint covered well and dried pretty quickly.

Paint the unfinished side with mod podge.

3:  After allowing the paint to dry I painted the unfinished side with a coat of mod podge.

Cut scrapbook paper to fit the face of your blocks.

4:  Cut scrapbook paper to fit the face of your block. I did a “patchwork” design on a few of the blocks with scraps. These small books of paper were just the right size for the project.

Glue paper to the face of the block.

5:  Lay the scrapbook paper on mod podged coated face and press out any air bubbles. When you have it positioned just right paint the mod podge on the top and sides of the paper. It will appear white as you’re painting it but will dry clear.



Cricut Vinyl

Vinyl letters cut out on cricut

 6:  Using my cricut I cut out the letters on black vinyl. I found the vinyl at Wal-mart in the same section as the cricut  for about $9.00. I used about a third of the package for this set of blocks. I set my machine on slow speed and high pressure. The blade was set on 4 and the letters came out great. (If you don’t have a cricut you could make a pattern for your letters using word and just cut them out by hand.) I peeled the sticky vinyl letters from the backing and centered them on the dried face of the blocks.

Hot Glue Buttons and Ribbon on Blocks for Embellishment

7:  I hot glued various buttons and ribbon onto my blocks for embellishment and wahla your done!

Close Up "Trick"

Close Up "Or"

Close Up "Treat"

This was a really fun craft and one that would make great house-warming or Christmas gifts. Don’t fret about getting your letters perfectly straight or your paint perfect because the blocks are supposed to have a primitive feel to them. I can’t wait to make a set for every holiday and play around with new designs.

Trick or Treat Decorative Blocks


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